How to Make Money on Teespring

  • By: Elizabeth Jean
  • Date: October 18, 2021
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Whether you want to purchase a cool T-shirt or design some to sell to others, the hotspot on the internet for T-shirts seems to currently be Teespring.

If you have ever wondered things like, how do people actually make money or Teespring, can you start your own e-commerce business on Teespring, or can you really create your own custom design on Teespring, then this article is for you.

How Do You Make Money on Teespring?

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The burning question that most people who have never used the Teespring site to sell merchandise have is, how do you make money on Teespring? The company is based in the United States and offers everyone an opportunity to start their own small e-commerce business free of charge. You do not have to invest any of your own money, but you will have to invest some amount of time and effort in creating your T-shirt designs. Your own brand of T-shirts can reach people all over the world through the Teespring website that many people are already ordering from. In other words, you can make money while spreading your own brand’s awareness across the globe.

There are several steps to creating your own E-commerce business through Teespring and you can check those out in our detailed list below.

Creating Your Very Own Store

The first thing you need to do is to create your own store on the Teespring website. You will need your store’s location path after you design your first product so that people can purchase it easily. There is a default store location within the Teespring format that your product will be reverted to if you do not create your own store. It is much easier if you create your own store, however,especially if you are going to have more than one type of product that you will be selling through your Teespring E-commerce business and it will also be easier for visitors to the website to find you and your product.

Choosing Your Product Category

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After you have created your Teespring store, you will then pick your product category. If you want to just sell a T-shirt on Teespring, then you would only need to choose the T-shirt category. The fun fact is that you can also choose other categories in the future if you want to expand the type of products you offer through your Teespring store. For example, you can choose to create designs and sell other products in addition to T-shirts, such as accessory pouches, home décor items, and even hats with catchy designs that you have created.

Create and Design Your Product

After you have created your Teespring store and chosen your product category or categories, it will be time to start designing your actual products. You will need to create a design that will be printed on T-shirts or other items that you choose to sell, and you will want to have a custom design that is different from others that are already available. You will also want your design to stand out from other seller’s designs so you will want it to be eye-catching and unique.

If you are not very artistic since many people are not lucky enough to have great artistic ability, you can actually use royalty-free images and artwork that you can pull throughout the Internet. There are tons to choose from, but you will need to make sure that they are royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes so it will take some amount of time to do this.

You can also create your own designs through Canva, a website for creators that offers a super easy drag and drop feature. You can use Canva for free but there is a paid version also which will allow you to choose from even more options. The site is very secure and reliable for any type of graphic design.

Price It Out

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After you have created your design, open up your store, and choose the right product category, you will be able to place your design in the spot you need it to be on your product. You are now ready for the fun part, setting your price so you can start making money. Teespring has its own baseline cost for all of its products so you will have to set your price above the baseline amount so that you will earn a profit when you sell your products. For instance, the basic cost of a T-shirt on Teespring is $10 so if you sell your T shirts for $20 each, you will then be making a profit of $10 per T-shirt. You will want to be careful not to set your prices too awfully high, though, because you want people to buy from your store and not somebody else’s store that is offering more competitive prices.

Make That Money

After you have done all the things to start selling your T-shirts, you will want to start earning your profit. The great thing about Teespring is that the production of each product and the shipping to the customer is all done by Teespring. When someone buys one of the products that you designed, you want to earn a profit which will be computed in the pay-out section on the dashboard that belongs to you on the Teespring website. When you have enough money in your account that you feel comfortable withdrawing summer all of it, you can click the button for that. You will need to already have your PayPal or Payoneer account linked to your Teespring account so that the money that you withdraw from Teespring will go directly into your Payoneer or PayPal account.

And there you have it. You can now head over to the Teespring site to set up your own amazing store and begin creating designs that people will want to purchase. Be sure to advertise your T-shirts and other products throughout the internet to amp up your sales by reaching the most potential customers possible. Creating is fun and therapeutic and so is making money, so using the Teespring site can be a win-win for you and your family.

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