Why Kids Should Have Phones

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When a kid reaches an age when they can utilize their brain effectively to comprehend technological advancements, parents begin to reflect on various issues. The advantages and demerits of allowing children to use cell phones, should kids have phones, etc., are often debated.

Because of the rapid advancement of several areas of smartphone technology, it is perfectly fair to inquire about the content that children get exposed to online, which is becoming more common. There are certain disadvantages to providing your kid with a phone; nevertheless, there are several positives.

Should Kids Have Phones – What Does Research Say?

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According to a study published on PubMed, mobile phone usage by children has increased dramatically over the last several years for various reasons. When it comes to whether or not children are more vulnerable to danger because of their usage of mobile phones, there is a fierce debate taking place. Inconsistency and ambiguity abound in recommendations to anxious parents seeking more information on why kids should be allowed to have phones.

The research inferred that the impact of technological advancement on children and the need for stricter control depends on age and the child’s developmental stage. Although children are at higher risk than adults, this isn’t always the case. It’s a common misconception that precautionary measures indicate an approaching danger. Instead, they’re a response to a state of ambiguity.

Rather than a child’s age, clinical psychologist Jerry Bubrick believes that the child’s capacity for social awareness and grasp of technological consequences matters. The following tests should be performed if you feel that your child’s phone use is negatively impacting them:

  • What is the degree of technological exposure that your kid has received?
  • Are the repercussions of publishing anything on the internet understood by your child?
  • When using one, what is your child’s reaction to your mobile phone regulations?
  • Do you believe that your child understands the relevance of a rule when it gets enforced?
  • Regardless of whether the item is low-cost or high-end, how often does your child misplace something? You may use this question to determine your child’s degree of maturity regarding parenting.

Should Kids Have A Phone? – The Merits

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People of all ages can’t ignore smartphones’ widespread availability and accessibility in today’s environment. According to one study, more than seventy percent of young people (children) between 12 and 17 own smartphones. The following considerations influence whether or not your kid should have a phone. They include:

Your Child Will Get A Greater Sense Of Responsibility:

As children get older and begin to interact with the rest of society, it becomes more critical to take personal responsibility for their actions. To help your kid understand the value of self-care and wellness, it is never too early to begin teaching them these concepts.

Children should have access to a smartphone since it has shown to be an excellent tool for teaching them responsibility in an unconventional manner. As a parent, it’s important to stress how important it is that nothing occurs to their new cell phone.

It is also essential to show your appreciation for their hard work by rewarding them with little presents and treats from time to time. The responsibilities placed on high-end smartphones are significant. The children should believe that a phone is an irreplaceable item that can only be lost or destroyed with dire consequences.

Security Of The Children:

With phones, your children can reach you in an emergency because they utilize their cell phones. If you are a parent who often travels and does not have a fixed home base, you must guarantee that your kid has access to a smartphone.

Even if you’re not prone to anxiety, giving your child access to a phone might help ease some of their worries. In the event of an emergency, a phone may serve as a lifeline between you and your kid. Constant mobile phone communication between you and your kid keeps you and your youngster safe.

It Aids In The Growth Of The Brain:

Even as they become older, practically all children and teens are constantly connected to computers and mobile devices. According to research, the average age at which a young person receives their first smartphone is ten years old.

In today’s world, children need to be taught the proper ways to utilize technology from an early age by their parents. If you’re a parent, you need to be aware that phones are more than simply a way to make and receive phone calls; they can significantly assist your child’s mental development.

In the long run, learning how to use a phone properly may substantially influence a child’s overall growth and development. Additionally, using mobile devices to their fullest capacity may assist in slowing the development of computer addiction and dependency among children and teenagers in general.

To Develop The Skills And Talents Essential For Success:

A technology-driven civilization exists regardless of whether or not we like it or not. It’s possible that exposing your kid to technology at a young age will have a long-term positive impact on their development. Take advantage of today’s cutting-edge technology while your kid is still a youngster.

This may help them in the future with their education or employment search. It has been shown in the real world that children who do not have access to a mobile phone when they are young are at a considerable disadvantage in today’s society. Your children will significantly impact their prospects of obtaining a job when they’re older, even if you don’t realize it now.

To Avoid Boredom:

Even if you try your hardest, you will never be able to keep your children entertained for the whole day. Just handing them your phone and letting them play may be enough to keep them calm in many situations.

Creation and Preservation of Memories:

Having a camera on the phone is a great convenience. As a result, your youngster can now capture fresh memories by taking pictures of the objects in their immediate environment. Next time they go on a family vacation, they’ll be taking pictures and archiving them on their computer. As a consequence, they are more active on holidays and family travels.

Should Kids Have A Phone? – The Demerits And Precautions

People of all ages are increasingly dependent on their phones for everything. But, before you give your kids a phone, be aware of the risks. Having a mobile phone is both a convenience and a hazard in today’s society. Using these technologies to contact those who live far away opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s hard not to like them. Conversely, smartphone usage may affect children’s eyesight and health.

Sleep Deprivation:

Everyone knows that using a smartphone may disrupt sleep, keep kids up longer, and make them more irritable. Blue light stimulates the brain before sleep, inhibiting melatonin, i.e., the hormone that governs our circadian cycle. That’s why it’s important for parents to create strict rules and have the required knowledge about why kids should have phones.

Safety Risk:

Your kids may use an internet-enabled phone to communicate with you. The use of tech has sparked concerns about personal privacy and cyberbullying. Consider parental controls if you decide it’s time for your kids to have a phone. Due to these restrictions, your child may be unable to access some websites, apps, or features. As parents, it may come off as being harsh; however, it is a required process in understanding why kids should have phones.

Health Risk:

Whether mobile phone radiation is harmful to human health is a major debate. Research published in JAMA, the American Medical Association’s magazine, highlighted concerns about the influence of mobile phones on brain function. According to studies, mobile phone radio waves reach the brain, not just the ear. Brain malfunctions may cause children’s incapacity to learn or participate in other activities.

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